arzator injectorThe ecoHORNET pellet burners replace the burners that use gas, diesel fuel, oil, black oil, GPL, CLU, etc. on new or used equipment, facilitating the access to a cheap and ecologic heat energy.

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green energy 1 Green energy and savings of minimum  50% of the heat energy invoice

Both for industry and for agriculture or constructions, residential use, replacing the burners using fossil fuels, pollutants, theecoHORNET burners operating using pellets manufactured from any type of biomass reduce significantly the energy costs, as well as the emissions of CO and particles. The use of renewable energy in the enterprise activity determines the energy efficiency increase of the entire company, the manufactured products have a competitive production cost, and the company improve its corporative image by respect for the environment.


  • the only burners collecting the ash outside the heat exchanger
  • self-cleaning
  • combustion acceleration system on the use of lower energy pellets
  • 94-99% efficiency
  • access to a cheap, ecologic, quickly renewable fuel.
  • user independence from the tax and excise policies regarding fossil fuels, transport and distribution networks for gases, electricity, etc.

World premiere!  Ash collection outside the heat exchanger

Unlike the other pellet burners, which operate with injected air, the ecoHORNET burners collect the ash outside the heat exchanger.  The ecoHORNET burners operate with forced draft, the total burner of the pellets is performed only on the grill, without the burnt materials to get in the exchanger, driven by the air flow.


Higher overall efficiency = cheap energy: The heat exchanger maintains its operation efficiency by maintaining clean the exchange surface, not covered by ash or burnt pellets.

Facile operation: The ash disposal is performed easily, without requiring the burner dismounting from the heat exchanger.

Replace the polluting fossil fuels

The polluting emissions of the ecoHORNET burners are under the limits which will be imposed in the year 2020 by the European Commission directive:

  • CO emissions < 250 mg/Nm³
  • emissions of particles < 7 mg/Nm³
  • COV emissions < 10 mg/Nm³

– ON-OFF operation: The ecoHORNET burners do not modulate, work on rated power throughout the operation period. The Start/Stop command is given by the ambient thermostat ( if they are used for enclosures heating) or by the heat carrier temperature sensor, in case of industrial applications). The switching is automati

– 100% quality materials: The ecoHORNETequipmentis designed for a long life use.
The burner and the combustion chamber are made of stainless steel especially resistant to high temperatures and to temperature variations, and the ash pan is made of stainless steel and of steel. All the electric and electronic components are made in UE

– 100% combustion control: The operation with forced draft ensures 100% the control of the oxygen flow necessary to the combustion, the combustion is uniform in the entire mass of pellets found in the burner. Each particle of pellet receives the oxygen necessary to the complete combustion, thus the burnt gases have a minimum content of particles, humidity or organic compounds

– 100% safety: The operation safety is guaranteed by a high performance system that controls all the equipment functions.


Standard endowment:

  • ecoHORNET injector type burner
  • feeding system with screw conveyer
  • Sigmatek GmBH automation, color touch display, control and control via the Internet
  • tank of pellets for AHP20-200
  • ambient thermostat or heat carrier temperature sensor, depending on the applications
  • electrical protection set with UPS, stabilizer, inverter, rectifier 2 accumulators 50A

arzator Burner
The patented ecoHORNET multisystem burner develops pellet combustion temperatures of over 1250°C, the entire caloric power of the fuel is exploited, turning into heat energy. The combustion efficiency is close to 100%, the combustion is complete, without smoke in the burnt gases.
The ecoHORNET burner is mobile, with self-cleaning and combustion acceleration for the case of using lower energy pellets.
The burner and the combustion chamber are made of special stainless steel, resistant to temperatures over 1300°C and to temperature variations.


accelerator ardereSystem of combustion acceleration and grill cleaning
Theequipment is fitted with combustion acceleration mechanisms, to keep constant the rated power, even if there are used pellets with lower caloric power.
Thus, even if you use pellets made of straws, grasses, the equipment will produce the same quantity of heat energy, as in the case of wood pellets use.



exhaustorCombustion control by forced draft

The combustion without smoke and tar in the exhaust gases allows the operation with forced draft. The exhauster is mounted on the burnt gases outlet.
The operation with forced draft ensure 100% the control of the oxygen flow necessary to the combustion, the combustion is uniform in the entire mass of pellets found in the burner, the complete combustion is accomplished, including the smoke particles combustion.
Each pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary to the complete combustion, thus the burnt gases have a minimum content of particles, humidity or organic compounds.
SAFETY: The burnt gases evacuation is not influenced by the atmospheric conditions.


arzator tip injector AHP600 mic Automatic feeding system

The pellets feeding is performed automatically, by a screw conveyer controlled by a capacitive sensor.
ADVANTAGE: The pellets tank is independent from the heating unit body, depending on the available space, it may be used the 600/800 liter one from the standard equipping or other large capacity container.
SAFETY: The pellets feeding system is provided with safety elements that prevent the damage if accidentally foreign bodies are entrained.



automatizare Automation

By the complete automation with performance equipment and software designed together with the Austrian company SIGMATEK GmbH &Co KG,  it is accomplished the total control of the heat energy production, as well as of all the systems composing the installation and makes possible their integration in the complex heating systems.
The color touch display will supply complete information concerning the equipment operation.
The equipment may be remotely monitored and programmed, through an Internet connection, so you will always have the control of your heat energy production system.

set electric Safety systems

Electrical protection set: Because the electricity fluctuations/outages may affect the electronic components of the heating unit or may disturb the proper operation, we have included a protection set in the standard equipping: UPS with inverter functions, stabilizer, rectifier and 2 accumulators.


They replace the burners that use the fossil fuels, both on new equipment and on used equipment heating units using wood or fossil fuels

  • ovens
  • hot airs convectors
  • steam boilers
  • grain dryers
  • heat exchangers
  • diathermic oil boilers
  • electricity production on facilities with turbines or Stirling engines


euroscrap 44

The ecoHORNET AHP700 burner replaced the diesel fuel injector on a hot air generator that serves a grain dryer. (Targul Jiu locality, Gorj county)






Injector type ecoHORNET burner mounted on diesel fuel Buderus boiler





generator aer cald pe peleti

ecoHORNET AHP80 burner mounted on hot air generator (the diesel fuel injector was replaced)




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