Many hotels, spa clubs and pensions are already using the ecoHORNET equipment as the main mean of heating and hot water production in all types of buildings and installations, instead of the conventional energies that are more expensive and polluting, such as natural gas or diesel fuel. They have already achieved:

– Financial savings gained by using clean energy. In the current economic situation, it is extremely important to reduce the operating costs.
– Lower and more stable price of the fuel.
– Elimination of the expenses for the periodic inspections and approvals (i.e. for natural gases)
– Great improvement of the corporate image by usage of the renewable energies.

The ecoHORNET pellet boilers enable the development of touristic structures in idyllic areas away from the cities, the buildings heating being achieved in an economical and environmental way. Hotels and pensions using ecoHORNET heating units are appreciated by customers as being more attractive and welcoming, the clean air around them is not polluted by smoke and tourists are enjoying the comfort, as in a large hotel in a metropolis.

For the building heating and the pool water heating as well as for the domestic hot water production, we are recommending a system consisting of:

  • schema modul bunOne or more ecoHORNET pellet boilers  with cascade operation (starts to operate when those already in operation can no longer provide the necessary energy) = economical functioning reported to the actual consumption
  • Heating agent accumulators with stainless steel serpentine for producing instant domestic hot water
  • Domestic hot water tanks with 2 serpentines for the storage of the domestic hot water
  • Materials for the equipment interconnection
  • At the request of the beneficiary we realize the installation in the technical room for the distribution of heat with several circuits of heating and hot water, as well as the domestic hot water recirculation.


Details in pages: Pellet heating units (go to the page) Steam and hot water generators (go to the page)

The constructing solution of the installation secures the domestic hot water production at a low cost but also fast and with a high flow, without using high capacity DHW tanks.
The hot water instantly produced by the accumulators’ serpentine is stored in the DHW tanks. If there is a great level of domestic hot water consumption, the 3-way valve directly switches the heating unit for heating the DHW tank (by the 2 serpentines).
Advantage: there is no need to install high capacity tanks  for domestic hot water storage. The hot water is permanently prepared, preventing formation of Legionella bacteria in DHW tanks. The flow of the domestic hot water produced this way is double than the classical system (only heating the water from the network in DHW tank with heating agent circulated through serpentines).



A few of the projects we have realized:

Club Spa 2piscina

Building type: Spa Club, with semi-olympic pool

Location: Breaza, Prahova
Technical solution: 3 ecoHORNET pellet boilers  of 60kW have been installed. One of them is dedicated to heat the pool water using a plate type heat exchanger. The other pellet boilers are heating the building and producing domestic hot water.


larisa 2


Building type: Hotel, restaurant

Location: Busteni

Technical solution: 2 ecoHORNET pellet boilers  of 80kW


ramiframif 2

Building type: pensions

Location: Pestera, Dambovita County, in an idyllic area
Technical solution:  ecoHORNET heating units of 60kW respectively 80kW
– heating agent accumulators
– installation in the technical room with more heating circuits