EcoHORNET allows the cost control of the thermal energy.

In most factories, the operating costs must be carefully controlled. In addition, some industries require heat to conduct the technological processes with steam generators, ovens, etc. This is usually a high and unstable cost, if they are using fossil fuels or electricity.

Installing EcoHORNET industrial grade equipment is an efficient, profitable and financeable investment.

In the same time, in industries such as timber, logistics, food and agriculture, a good part of the waste, such as pallets, sawdust, industrial wastes, agricultural residues and waste, or peels, pits, etc., can be transformed in pellets. This way is closed the waste transforming circuit – waste which sometimes requires money to remove – into a source of energy for commercial and internal efficiency.

The ecoHORNET equipment allows development of productive activities and construction of industrial buildings in areas with cheaper land and manpower but where there are no natural gas networks developed.

EcoHORNET heating equipment for industrial buildings and production units.

Depending on the activity, one of ecoHORNET equipment is always the efficient and economical solution for heating of the industrial spaces:

Areal heating in high height rooms:

Solution: ecoHORNET pellet burners with radiant tubes


The ecoHORNET burners with radiant tubes are locally heating the objects and the persons in the coverage area, in an identical mode as the sunshine and they don’t have a big volume of air.

Workers comfort is not affected by repeated gates opening at the loading ramps.

In addition, they are producing warm air for heating the offices and the dressing rooms as well as the domestic hot water.


Recommended for:

– warehouses, logistic centers – local areas heating of activity places
– workshops, car repairs shops
– industrial halls where the activity is concentrated on a few spots rather than on their whole surface.

Details in the page: Pellet burners with radiant tubes (go to the page)

faur 5

Location: Bucharest

Equipment: ecoHORNET AHP 60 mobile burner with U-shaped radiant tubes of 12 lm

  • This company produces concrete cells for electric transformers. On winter, the company used to stop the works for about 3 months and to lay off the workers due to the inability to get the production hall with a height of 15 m heated to the proper temperature for drying the concrete.
  • Now, in 8 hours they are executing 4 foundries of 200 sqm, meaning a total of 800 sqm concrete slabs with a cost of only 10 euros



Hot air heating.

For the industrial halls where the heating is required across the whole premises, and the halls are built of modern materials providing proper insulation of the exterior walls and the ceiling, we are recommending installation of ecoHORNET hot air generators using pellets.

The ecoHORNET hot air generators can be installed outdoor since those are functioning normally without being affected by difficult climatic conditions.

The hot air is lead inside the hall through pipes in the whole area of the industrial building, including the offices and the lockers. The ecoHORNET hot air generators are provided with automatic operation, controlled by an ambient thermostat, ant more heating circuits can be installed with different ambient temperatures settings (production hall / office / warehouse / etc.).

Details on the page: Hot air generators powered by pellets (go to the page)


Heating the industrial halls, offices and hot water production.

Another solution is to use ecoHORNET pellet boilers. In this case must be considered that the way the heating is distributed inside the hall to be an efficient and economical one for the user.

For example: the underfloor heating of the working surface;



Type of building: auto repair shop for reparation of tractors, trailers and offices
Location: Sibiu


Technical solution:

  • ecoHORNET pellet boiler of 80 kW
  • Heating agent accumulators (puffers) of 2500 liters with stainless steel serpentine for producing instant domestic hot water
  • DHW tank (accumulator for the domestic hot water produced by the puffers’ serpentine)
  • In-concrete heating installation for the whole working surface of the hall
  • Heating unit with fan-convectors for the offices



aedificia 6

Building type: concrete production station
Location: Busteni, Prahova
Technical solution:
Heating and drying aggregates system and hot water production for concrete manufacturing during winter time.
The system consists of:
– 2 ecoHORNET heating units of 200kW (with multistage functioning)
– thermal agent accumulator (puffer) of 1,500 liters with stainless steel serpentine for instantly producing the domestic hot water
– boiler of 300 liters with 2 serpentines
– underfloor heating with PeX pipes, under the aggregates warehouse
This way, the beneficiary was able to produce concrete in the winter time, at a competitive price.

The ecoHORNET pellet boilers can be integrated in centralized heating and air treatment systems in production facilities with special demands regarding the quality of the air or the heated water in the production environment.

Details in page: Pellets boilers (go to the page)

EcoHORNET solutions for thermal energy production in technological processes

green industry 1









EcoHORNET SRL has developed high power equipment for integration in technological processes. The ecoHORNET equipment offers a high degree of automation and safety, a great effectiveness and significantly reduces the production costs.

Our recommendation for the technological processes:

– EcoHORNET saturated steam generators using pellets
– EcoHORNET pellet boilers to produce superheated water
– EcoHORNET overheated air generators using pellets
– EcoHORNET pellet boilers for the use of the diathermic oil
– EcoHORNET injector type pellet burners – to replace the fossil fuel burners in new and used equipment.

Whatever your domain of activity, to achieve the most efficient, economic and ecological heating system suitable for you, please contact our ecoHORNET engineers.