The ecoHORNET pellet boiler represents the optimal combination of the performance technology, energy efficiency, safety, comfort and ecology. The new heating unit ecoHORNET is a modern, highly effective and includes all the functions needed for production, storage and distribution of the thermal agent as well as the domestic hot water production. The product includes a whole technical room. The ecoHORNET pellet boilers can be produced in 20 – 500kW power range.


The ecoHORNET pellet boiler represents the optimal equipment for heating and producing domestic hot water in individual homes as well as in big buildings: hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, greenhouses, livestock farms, residential districts, and the production of hot water for the industrial sector.

The ecoHORNET heating units enable cascade installation in modular systems, of several megawatts.

The ecoHORNET pellet boilers can be connected both to the conventional heating installations (radiators, fan-convectors, underfloor heating) or can be interconnected with other systems of thermal energy production.

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Class 5 of efficiency and emissions for local grants program

The ecoHORNET heating units are designed to meet the highest demands of the third millennium, from the point of heat generation efficiency, minimum levels of CO and particulate emissions, and access to an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly fuel without encouraging deforestation. The product falls in Class 5 of efficiency and emissions and applies to all national and local grants as well as to the Green House program (Romanian programme).



96 – 98% efficiency

96-98 randamentThe high efficiency of the pellet boiler is kept constant throughout the whole period of use due to the design of the ecoHORNET burner, to the combustion dynamics and because of the burning control achieved by full automation. The power efficiency does not depend on the raw material from which the pellets were manufactured. The equipment is perfectly adaptable to all raw materials for manufacturing pellets while the nominal power remains constant.


A technical room in a heating unit

The ecoHORNET pellet boiler is fully equipped to distribute heat on 2 independent heating circuits with circulation pumps, mixing valves, ambient thermostat and anti-condensation circuit. It also contains a large amount of thermal agent which allows an efficient operation without puffer and has a built-in DHW serpentine. The installation time and the annoyance produced by the plumbers are significantly reduced and the mistakes of mounting the equipment room or incompatible materials are also avoided.

● ON-OFF functioning
The ecoHORNET pellet boiler are not modulating the power, they are working at nominal power throughout the operation until the temperature reaches the programmed heating point, then they stop completely. ADVANTAGE: low power consumption, no tar is formed on the walls of the boiler when the air intake is low – as in the case of modulation, so the premature wear due to excessive operation is avoided.

● Easy of use
Thanks to the efficient combustion process and the quality of the materials, the boiler does not require repeated cleaning or servicing operations. The equipment is factory programmed. The user is not required to make any settings or adjustments.

● 100% combustion control
The forced draft operation ensures a rate of 100% control of the flow of the oxygen required for combustion, the combustion is uniform throughout the mass of pellets being in the burner. Each pellets’ particle receives the oxygen required for complete combustion so the combustion gases have a minimum content of particles, moisture or organic compounds.

● 100% safe 
The safety of operation is ensured by a high performance system that controls all the equipment functions. It includes as standard and all the safety components of a modern heating system.

● 100% quality materials

The ecoHORNET equipment are designed for long term use.

The burner and the combustion chamber are made of special stainless steel resistant to high temperatures and temperature variations, and the heat exchanger is made of steel. All the electrical and electronic components are manufactured in the EU.


1. ecoHORNETBurner

2. Heat Exchanger

3. Heat Retriever

4. Built-in DHW serpentine

5. Exhaust fan

6. Ashtray

7. Pellets feeding

8. Automation

9. Combustion acceleration system

10. Plumbing materials for two heating circuits and anti-condensation circuit

Delivered as standard: boiler (heat exchanger); ecoHORNET multi-system burner; auger feed system; full-protection switchbox with control and surveillance via Internet; pellets tank for CTP20-200; exhaust fan; built-in DHW serpentine; electrical protection kit; flow tranducer; pressure gauge; thermal agent temperature gauge; vent; safety valve (5bar); thermal agent temperature, motion, capacitive, gases temperature sensors; 2 heating circuits plumbing materials and anti-condensation circuit: circulating pumps, mixing valves, anti-condensation valve, sense valves, valve filters, expansion vessel of water for consumption, etc.


  • The heating units of great power can be delivered with automatic ash exhaust systems and with high capacity mobile ash storage deposit
  • The heating units can be also delivered with minimal equipment, without heating circuits materials, equipment, pumps, etc., only with the anti-condensation valve


The ecoHORNET multisystem patented burner develop combustion temperatures of pellets over 1250 ° C, so as the whole calorific value of the fuel is harnessed, turning it into heat. The combustion efficiency is close to 100% and the burning is complete, without smoke traces in the flue gases. The ecoHORNET burner is mobile, self-cleaning and accelerates the burning when using energetic weaker pellets. The burner and the combustion chamber are made of special stainless steel resistant to temperatures over 1300 ° C and to temperature variations.


Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger has been especially designed to operate at high temperatures, with no wear over time, and to ensure the optimum transfer of the energy resulting from the burning of pellets. The heat exchanger is made of special steel for boilers, according to the latest regulations in force. It contains a large amount of heating agent and takes over the functions of a heating agent accumulator (puffer). An efficient operation of the heating unit without a heating agent accumulator (puffer) is also possible. The efficient heat exchanger transfers the energy produced by burning pellets in the heating agent – even if inside of the burner there are developing temperatures above 1250 ° C, the temperature of the exhaust flue gases does not exceed 60-80 ° C. The difference in thermal energy is transferred into the heating agent. Hence the exceptional efficiency, which translates to the user in great fuel economy. The heat exchanger uses 2 areas of heat exchange, so it takes the flame radiation as well as the convection of the flue gases.


Blast-heating apparatus

As a novelty, we introduced the third exchange zone, a blast-heating apparatus, that uses the exhaust gas temperature of 100-120°C to pre-heat the return heat carrier before entering the heat exchanger. No condensation is formed in this blast-heating apparatus because, following the combustion to more than 1250°C in the multisystem burner, the burnt gases are “dry”, they do not contain water vapors.



Built-in DHW serpentine

Inside the heating unit, a high efficiency DHW serpentine is built-in, for producing the hot water for consumption. The hot water for consumption is produced extremely efficiently, because the serpentine is completely immersed in the hot heat carrier from the heat exchanger, the exchange surface is much larger than the one of the outside mounted boilers with winding pipes. The use of the pellet boiler during the summer time is economical and efficient, only for the production of hot water for consumption, the heating unit starts only every few days, depending on consumption.



Combustion speed-up and grill cleaning system

The equipment is equipped with combustion speed-up mechanisms, to keep constant the rated power, even if there are used lower caloric power pellets. Thus, even if there are used pellets made of straws, grasses, the equipment will produce the same amount of heat energy, as in the case of wood pellets use.



Combustion control by forced draft

The combustion without smoke and tar in the exhaust gases allows the operation with forced draft. The exhauster is mounted on the burnt gases outlet. The operation with forced draft ensures 100% the control of the oxygen flow necessary for combustion, the combustion is uniform in the entire mass of pellets found in the burner, it is accomplished the complete combustion, including the combustion of the smoke particles. Every pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary for the complete combustion, thus the burnt gases have a minimum content of particles, humidity or organic compounds. The burnt gases evacuation is not influenced by the atmospheric conditions.


Automatic feeding system

The pellet feeding is performed automatically, by a screw conveyer operated by a capacitive sensor. The pellets container is independent from the heating unit body, depending on the available space, it can be used the one from the standard endowment, 600/800 liter, or other high capacity container. The pellet feeding system is provided with safety elements which prevent the damage if, accidentally, foreign bodies are dragged along.




By the complete automation with performance equipment  and software developed together with the Austrian company SIGMATEK GmbH &Co KG,  it is performed the total control of the heat energy production, as well as of all systems composing the installation and made possible their integration in complex heating systems. The color touch display will supply complete information concerning the equipment operation. The equipment may be monitored and programmed remotely, via an Internet connection, so you always have control of your heat energy production system.



...Safety systems

Electrical protection set: Because the electricity fluctuations/outages that may affect the electronic components of the heating unit or may perturb the proper operation, we introduced in the standard endowment a protection set: UPS with functions of inverter, stabilizer, rectifier and 2 accumulators.
Flow transducer ( flow switch): It senses the heat carrier movement in the installation and ensures the protection in case of heat carrier loss, blocking of the circulation pump or of the heating circuit.
Other safety elements: pressure gauge,
heat carrier temperature gauge ; vent ; safety valve ( 5bar).

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EcoHORNET may generate savings starting at 50 % of the invoice for heating and hot water, improving the quality of life and the comfort in the dwelling, whether we are talking about individual dwellings or apartment blocks. The users are becoming independent of the national policies concerning the prices, taxes and excises, of the future regulations which will tax more and more the pollution, consumption of fossil fuels and the energy inefficiency.



Real estate projects


A building with good energy performance is easier to sell or rent! EcoHORNET is a solution for the real estate developers, architects, designers, builders, real estate managers. It is a chance for them to integrate the biomass in the real estate projects with maximum of economic benefits.
The ecoHORNET equipment for producing hot water and heating are one of the most attractive solutions for: substantial improvement of the building energy assessment, with amortization several times shorter than any of the passive measures. The buildings that use green energy are more attractive for customers.






Schools, districts of blocks, city halls, district heating locations, municipal sport centers, hospitals, public buildings, etc., these are some of the buildings for which the heating by ecoHORNET equipment is an advantage. In the last two years, there was an increase of the number of public buildings using ecoHORNET to generate the heating and hot water they need.
The agro-pellets are a local, manageable, renewable source of energy, they are much cheaper than the fossil fuels, fact that creates budget savings of over 50%. Agro-pellets generate jobs locally.
ECOHORNET is a solution for the local decision makers, mayors and local council members, technicians and heads of departments, local development groups or for any municipal administrative person who is concerned to improve the quality of life for the people in the locality administered by the same.


Agriculture and food industry

The agriculture and food industry  are  favored by the switching to the use of ecoHORNET equipment, the beneficiaries may be: greenhouses, dryers and dehumidifiers, poultry and pig growth farms, forage manufacturers, bakeries, manufactures of dairy products, canned fruits, canned vegetables, meat processors, vineyards, producers of mushrooms and dried fruits, etc. The energy consumption is a key factor for the agriculture and food industry and ecoHORNET offers advantages: savings of minimum 50% of the heat energy invoice, costs reduction by the waste disposal, use of the sub-products and of the waste for their own energy, elimination of the costs concerning the purchases of diesel fuel, natural gas or electricity
For the greenhouse heating, we have leading-edge solutions, efficiently using the heat energy produced from pellets by the ecoHORNET heating units: by the direct heating of the soil, it is obtained a maximum efficiency with the lowest costs.

Greenhouse 1000sqm, flower production, Slatina, Olt, heating in the ground. The first city from Romania full of  early flowers. Previously, the beneficiary used diesel fuel for heating. Annual cost regarding the heating = 36,000Euro. With ecoHORNET equipment and pellets purchased on the market: Annual cost regarding the heating = 6,000Euro. At present, the beneficiary has purchased a facility for manufacturing pellets from the own debris. Estimated cost regarding the heating, next year = 2,000Euro




The milk cow farm in Calarasi locality, 1 x 100 kw, for the milkers thawing, headquarters heating and hot water preparation at 90ºC
Further more, we started the development of highly efficient and economical solutions for the industrial consumers. Thus, we execute, for the poultry and pig growth units, the underfloor heating by ecoHORNET pellet heating units. The pellets compaction in the debris bedding, with a thickness of only 2 cm, ensure 100% the fuel necessary to the heating of the following poultry cycle at 36°C, reduces to 0 the costs for heating, eliminates the transport and the bedding decontamination, substantially reduces the costs for lighting and si ventilation, it is ensured a corresponding microclimate where the poultry may maximally exteriorize the genetic potential.



Hotels, hostels, spa clubs


larisa 2

ECOHORNET and the renewable energy persuaded hotel owners
Hotels, spa clubs, guest-houses already use ecoHORNET equipmentinstead of other conventional energies that are more expensive and polluting, such as the natural gas or the diesel fuel, as a means of heating and hot water production in all types of buildings and facilities.

They have already achieved:

– Financial savings gained by using clean energies. In the current economic situation, it is extremely important to reduce the operating costs.
– Lower and more stable price for fuel.
– Elimination of the periodic verification and approval costs (eg. natural gas)



EcoHORNET allows the control of the heat energy costs
In most factories, the operating costs must be carefully controlled. In addition, some industries require heat energy to perform technological processes. And this cost is usually high and unstable if there are used fossil fuels or electricity.
The installation of the ecoHORNET equipment in the industrial sector is an efficient, profitable and fundable investment.

An innovative project

Type of building: concrete production station. Location: Busteni locality, Prahovacounty. Technical solution: System for sorts heating and drying and hot water production for concrete manufacturing during winter. Made of:

– ecoHORNET 200kW pellet boilers ( cascade operation)
– 1500 liter heat accumulator ( puffer) with stainless steel coiled pipe for instantaneous production of consumption hot water
– 300 liter DHW tank with 2 coiled pipes
– underground heating by PeX pipes, under the sorts deposit

Thus, the beneficiary produces concrete during the winter, at a competitive price.

Industrial halls and car service

Type of building: car service hall for repairs to tractors, trailers and offices. Location: Sibiu

Technical solution:

– ecoHORNET 80 kW pellet boiler
– 2500 liter heat accumulator (puffer) with coiled pipe for instantaneous production of consumption hot water
– heating installation in concrete on all the working area of the hall
– heating system with fan coil units in the offices


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