The ecoHORNET technology is exclusively dedicated to the renewable energy sources and to the superior capitalizing of the most abundant riches of the Earth – THE BIOMASS.

The EcoHORNET equipment is effectively using as a fuel the sawdust pellets as well as the non-woody biomass pellets.

The biomass is a biofuel available in inexhaustible quantities, rapidly renewable and obtained without creating natural imbalances or disasters.

Nevertheless, it is a more complicated energetic fuel to utilize due to its high silica compounds and its diversity of specific compounds.

After 5 years of studies, research and tests, we have created something that still seems impossible: the technology and burned able to burn, efficiently and without pollution, pellets made of everything that burns, biomass, i.e. byproducts and waste from agriculture, viticulture and responsible lumbering, decayed wood, animal waste, energy crops, biodegradable municipal and industrial waste and sewage sludge.

It is much more efficient to use the biomass in form of pellets; it is superior harnessing its conversion into thermal energy. At the same time, the polluting emissions are greatly reduced when burning biomass in pellets and not in the rough.

Once pelletted, the waste and residues from agriculture are producing 4.8 MWh / ton, the livestock waste – 4.6 MWh / ton, the waste from forestry and related industries – 5.6 MWh / ton, and the industrial and urban waste – 4.2 MWh / ton.

All of these raw materials for agro-pellets are available in large quantities in Romania as well as across the planet; they are rapidly renewable and there is no risk to cause natural imbalances by collecting them. The manufacturing of the pellets is easy, ecological and non-aggressive to the environment.

Facing Europe’s growing dependency on fossil fuels, the use of biomass is one of the key paths in increasing security of supply and sustainability of the energy in Europe.

Biomass – rapidly renewable fuel, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly – it can replace the expensive fossil fuels

Advantages resulting from pelletized biomass use in ecoHORNET equipment:

We are strongly fighting to stop deforestation for premium pellets manufacturing and we are joining the campaigns that advocate for future generations to receive a clean and vivid planet.


Burning raw biomass ecoHORNET : burning biomass in form of pellets
low efficiency boilers: 40-50% ecoHORNET efficiency 96-98%
high fuel consumption maximum consumption: 200g/KWh
large and expensive feeding installations automatic feeding, standard, as per wooden pellets
cumbersome manipulation requiring equipment packing – 15kg sacks, easily handled by anyone
large storage space, require large deposits one ton biomass pellets = 1.4 square meters
higher polluting emissions, smoke polluting emissions under the EC norms for 2020
fuel sensitive to weather conditions (humidity) the influence of the humidity from the atmosphere is imperceptible on unpackedpellets. The packing is protecting completely the pellets of the humidity in the atmosphere