The agriculture and the food industry are favored by switching to the use of ecoHORNET equipment –  thus, greenhouses, dryers and dehumidifiers, chicken and pig farms, fodder manufacturers, bakeries, dairies, canned fruits and vegetables producers, meat processors, vineyards, mushrooms and dried fruits producers, and many others can benefit from our technology.

Energy consumption is a key factor for agriculture and food industry, thus ecoHORNET is offering the following advantages: savings of at least 50% of the actual energy bills for heating, reducing the costs for waste disposal, use of sub-products and waste for producing yourself energy, eliminating the purchase costs of diesel, gas or electricity.

At ecoHORNET, the agricultural and food industry will find complete energy solutions focused entirely on their needs: water-based heating, hot air or diathermic oil, production of superheated water and steam generators, etc.

ecoHORNET for agriculture

ecoHORNET product recommended for greenhouses heating

The most used ecoHORNET product for heating the greenhouses is the ecoHORNETpellets thermal unit.

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For distribution of the heating agent inside the greenhouse, shall be considered a cultivation way for an efficient use of the thermal energy heat and for the reduction of losses to the outside.

Cultivation on cropping beds

We have realized in-soil heating, using inside of a layer of sand a grid of PEX tubes with oxygen barrier, under the cropping beds, so as the whole surface is transformed into a heat radiator. This kind of solution is more effective and more economical, as the heating is done from the bottom up, so the heat firstly gets to the plants

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sera slatina

1000 sqm Greenhouse, flowers production, Slatina, Olt, in-soil heating
The very first city full of early flowers of Romania.

Before, the beneficiary was using diesel fuel for heating.
Heating cost per year = 36,000 €
Using ecoHORNET equipment and pellets bought from the market:
Heating cost per year = 6,000 €
Now, the beneficiary has purchased a facility to manufacture pellets from its own plant debris.
Estimated cost for heating per next year = 2,000 €



Row cultivation (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.)

cultivare rosii


For a more uniform and efficient heat distribution we recommend the execution of heated concrete alleys between the rows of culture and a circuit to the plant roots – for use during the crop ripening.

This shortens the ripening time, and the plant grows faster with the heat near ground and to the roots.


All over greenhouse cultivation

sera dobrin 1


In this case, is going to be used the classical distribution of the heating agent in registers.

The ecoHORNET thermal units can also be used in fan-convector installations that produces hot air.

Picture: the vegetables cultivation greenhouse, Gaesti. The beneficiary is cropping vegetables during the whole period of winter.



Another ecoHORNET product recommended for heating greenhouses is the pellet based hot air generator

ghp zapada

The ecoHORNET hot air generators are fully automated, allowing the control and the programming of the ambient temperature.


– Rapid heating in the greenhouse
– Elimination of expenses for the heating agent distribution or the fan-convector installations
– Elimination of the excessive humidity in the air
– Perfectly working as well outside, within the normal parameters, in difficult climatic conditions.



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  • Pellet based hot air generators
  • Injector type ecoHORNET pellets burners for replacing the ones based on natural gases, diesel fuel, black oil, light liquid fuel, propane, etc.


  • 50% minimum saving in energy costs used for drying
  • ecoHORNET equipment performs the burning at temperatures above 1250 ° C, the temperature of the produced hot air is fully programmable between 50-700 ° C, depending on the requirements and the environmental conditions
  • the functioning is not influenced by the atmospheric conditions (relative humidity of the air, low temperature, precipitations)
  • the equipment can be used in many ways, after completion of the drying operations, the equipment can be used for heating various premises: machinery repair shops, greenhouses, etc.

euroscrap 44





The ecoHORNET AHP700 burner replaced the injector powered by diesel fuel in a hot air generator installation which serves a grain dryer. (TarguJiu, Gorj) 

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ecoHORNET equipment for livestock breeding: chicken farms, swine farms, dairy farms, etc.

We develop highly efficient and economical solutions for the livestock breeding consumers.

We manufacture floor heating with ecoHORNET pellet heating units for breeding chickens. The underfloor installation will have more areas heating circuits, so as not to heat the entire surface in the first part of the production cycle.

incalzire porci oui

The advantages of the floor heating for the chicken farms:

  • the expenses for heating the halls are considerably reduced,
  • the amount of used litter is reduced to only 2 cm
  • the transportation and decontamination of the litter is eliminated
  • the lightning and ventilation costs are substantially reduced
  • an appropriate microclimate where chickens can externalize their full genetic potential is ensured
  • the manure bedding is dried already for the production of pellets, the amount resulting in a growth cycle covering the consumption for heating the next series.


The major benefit for livestock breeders:

The beddings with manure, the farmyard manure, all of the livestock breading waste – all of these represents a source of pollution and involves expenses for neutralization and disposal, but they are actually an excellent source for manufacturing the pellets usable with ecoHORNET equipment.

Transforming the livestock and agricultural waste into pellets and generating with them the thermal energy necessary in your activities using the ecoHORNET equipment is in fact even more profitable than investing in biogas.

ferma vaci 2ferma vaci 3


At the dairy farm Calarasi we installed an ecoHORNET pellet boiler of 100 kW for unfreezing the milking machines, premises heating and production of the required hot water at 95ºC.




For various technological processes in the food industry we also recommend:

  • ecoHORNET saturated steam generators using pellets
  • ecoHORNET pellet boilers for production of the superheated water
  • ecoHORNET overheated air generators using pellets
  • ecoHORNET pellet boilers for use with the diathermic oil
  • ecoHORNET pellet burners of injector type – to replace fossil fuel burners in new and used equipment

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To integrate the most efficient, economic and ecological heating solution in your activity, please contact our ecoHORNET engineers.